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Overhead Crane & Hoist Operator Training

Operation of overhead cranes and hoists seems simple until one considers the knowledge and skills needed to conduct pre-operational inspections, how to control load swing, how crane component failure can be averted by proper use, and compliance knowledge required by standards. Ensuring safety and reliability is key to any operating environment and making sure your operators understand what’s necessary to ensure safety requires training.

Training Objectives:

  • To ensure that overhead crane and hoist operators have the knowledge and skills required to recognize equipment deficiencies when conducting required inspections during use.
  • To ensure that all personnel who operate cranes and hoists understand their responsibilities for safe use, and they comply with all OSHA/CSA training requirements as a competent person.

Course Overview:

This training may include top running overhead bridge cranes, under hung cranes, monorail hoists, gantry cranes, and jib cranes. Presented in an easy to understand manner, operators learn how to maintain safety, how to control loads, and become the first line of defense in accident avoidance. Technical training combined with hands-on training ensures competency of your personnel and allows them to learn from seasoned professionals.

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