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Crane Modernization

Take advantage of the latest in technological advances, and upgrade and modify your existing crane to meet your production demands and increase equipment life.

Meerholz Canada’s specially trained technicians will perform structural, electrical and mechanical modifications to your crane that will increase its reliability and performance while saving you the expense of purchasing a new crane. Modernizations may include upgrades to capacity, load and speed, lifting height, and classification. As with all of Meerholz Canada’s products and services, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with your modernized crane, providing full documentation, testing and re-certification of the upgraded unit.

Modernization Examples

  • Advanced crane control methods
  • Better positioning systems on cranes
  • Increased capacity
  • Rewiring of cranes
  • Converting manual operation to motor control for smooth operation
  • Re-aligning runway beams
  • Adding radio control
  • Adding variable frequency drive speed control
  • Increasing or decreasing span of cranes

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