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Operation of overhead cranes and hoists seems straightforward enough until one considers the knowledge and skills needed to conduct pre-operational inspections, how to control load swing, and how crane component failure can be averted by proper use and compliance knowledge required to maintain standards. Overhead crane and hoist operator training is key to ensuring your operators understand what’s necessary to ensure safety and high productivity.

At Meerholz Canada, we have multiple online safety training certification options. Our training includes top-running overhead bridge cranes, underhung cranes, monorail hoists, gantry cranes, and jib cranes. Presented in an easy-to-understand manner, operators learn how to maintain safety, control loads, and become the first line of defense in accident avoidance.

Why choose us?

Meerholz Canada is a privately owned Canadian company specializing in crane building and the overhead crane, hoist, and lifting industry. All our courses meet CSA and OSHA/ANSI standards, and our technical training combined with hands-on training ensures the competency of your personnel.


Regarding the cost of our training courses, they tend to vary depending on the duration, complexities, and instruction method. However, keeping up to date with the training of your employees will save you from accidents and ensure your team is super productive and efficient. Our training services ensure that all personnel who operate cranes and hoists understand their responsibilities for safe use and they comply with all OSHA/CSA training requirements as a competent person.

If you’re looking for Prince George crane technicians, call us at (250) 562-2788. We are a privately owned Canadian company specializing in crane building and the overhead crane, hoist, and lifting industry. We offer rentals, repairs and maintenance, and detailed inspections and certification in order to obtain maximum efficiency and trouble-free operations.

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