How Meerholz Canada Helps Clients Improve Sawmill Productivity

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At Meerholz Canada, we are crane technicians in Prince George, BC, specializing in installations, rentals, and maintenance of premium material handling products.

We also work extensively with the sawmill industry, which comes with its unique set of challenges. However, no matter how challenging the situation may get, we always rise above it and devise a tailored solution. Please keep reading to learn how we help clients improve their sawmill productivity.

The Challenge: Saw changes reduce production

One factor that makes or breaks production numbers in a sawmill environment is the saw changes. An overhead crane is typically utilized to assist in saw blade replacements. However, the crane's capabilities determine the limitations of the saw changes. As a result, the client is essentially losing out on missed production due to the duration of the saw changes.

The Solution: Designed a custom girder crane

We designed, fabricated, and installed a custom double girder crane that utilizes four high-speed hoists for saw changes to overcome the challenges. Capitalizing on our experience in automation, we created the system to do the two main tasks of a saw change simultaneously. Therefore, it substantially reduces the time to change saws while increasing the mill's uptime. It also adds to the safety of the task by using remote controls and automation.

The Bottom Line

When we did this project for the first time, some of the challenges we faced were time constraints and budget limitations. We also had to address additional requests from the client. In the end, the process from start to finish took just five weeks, and we came up with alternate components to stay on schedule and fulfill the price we quoted.

If you face a similar challenge, contact Meerholz Canada today. As the best crane technicians in Prince George, BC, our mission is to put customers first by determining their needs and meeting them reasonably, expertly, and cost-efficiently.

Our services include overhead crane inspections, repairs, load testing, modernization, training, and electrical and automotive lift inspections. We serve customers across Prince George, Vancouver, British Columbia, Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, and the surrounding areas.

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