Lifting Equipment is utilized in most industries of today's economy. To obtain maximum efficiency and safe trouble free operations, it is necessary to constantly monitor the equipment through detailed inspections & certification as recommended by OSHA, CSA, CMAA, ANSI & WCB Standards & Regulations.

Our aim is to work close to our customers, a focus lacking in the larger consolidated companies.

  • We keep updated lists of when your cranes & hoists are to be recertified and contact you ahead of the time to schedule the work.
  • Our mission is to put our customers first, determine their needs, and meet those needs in a reasonable, expert & cost efficient manner.

Benefits of our programs:

  • Your employees will recognize that you have taken every step toward assuring their well being and safety.
  • Proper working equipment will reduce lost time and productivity.
  • Reduces the possibility of litigation and liability losses.
  • Eliminates unnecessary equipment replacement costs.
  • Early identification of problems will prevent further damage to your equipment.
  • Provides you with assurance that all Standards & Government Regulations have been followed.

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