Hydraulic Hoists and Monorail Hoists

Hydraulic Hoists and Monorail Hoists



JDN Hydraulic Hoists PROF1 Series

Carrying capacities: 3 ton up to 100 ton





JDN Hydraulic Monorail Hoists

Carrying capacities: 20 ton up to 100 ton

EH 20



JDN Hydraulic Trolleys

Carrying capacities: up to 20 ton

With immediate effect we can supply you with JDN Hydraulic Hoists and Hydraulic Monorail Hoists with carrying capacities up to 100 t.

Depending of motor size the hoists and monorail hoists work with an intake pressure of 100 bar up to 180 bar. Pressure fluids: Oil or HFC.

Our Hydraulic hoists can be deployed as an alternative to air driven units in all places where hydraulic lines, central hydraulic systems or hydraulic aggregates are existent.

EK 25 H


predestined for application in explosion-endangered areas
sensitive, infinitive control of lifting/lowering and driving moves
encapsuled and robust gear motor
integrated overload switch-off
only two supply connections at hoist
P and T, leakage oil drained internally
controlled load-lowering in case of supply oil failure

If you are interested in our Hydraulic Monorail Hoist range or would like to have further information please get in touch . We shall be pleased to assist you.


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