Spacemaster® JC Jib Crane Packages

R&M Spacemaster® JC jib crane packages can be mounted to your facility wall, foundation or floor. R&M jib cranes are pre-painted in RAL 1028 (Melon Yellow) and a large base plate is available for units with existing thin, concert floors.

  • Designed specifically for use with the Loadmate®electric chain hoist up to 2 ton capacity
  • Wall mounted or free-standing ” over braced or under braced
  • Jib crane packages available fully tested, single sourced with festoon, hoist and jib
  • Adjustable console bearing enables easier installation
  • Meets requirements of OSHA 1910.179 & ASME B30.11 as they apply to jib cranes
  • Designed in accordance with EN 13001-1, 13001-2 & 13001-3.1
  • Jib finish meets ISO 12944 atmosphere ” corrosivity category C3

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