2 Ton Kito Electric Chain Hoist

Capacity: 2 Ton

Lift: 16 Feet

AC Power: 460/3/60

Control: Wireless Remote Control System

Suspension: Hook Mount

1 Unit Available $1800.00/Month

Engineered to perform in the industry's toughest applications and most extreme conditions, the kito hoists feature advanced hoist technology, easy serviceability and unmatched durability.

Fail Safe Brake

Kito's DC-current brake design reduces maintenance costs by eliminating drag at start and responding immediately at stop. this also places less torque on the motor providing extremely quiet and smooth operation. The advanced technology used in Kito's DC-current brake protects you from hoist failure in the event of motor burnout or single-phasing.

Durable upper/lower Limit Switch

The limit switch stops operation if either end of the load chain contacts the hoist body, protecting against unnecessary downtime and service costs. The redesigned upper/lower limit switch features enhanced durability and low profile design for improved hoist headroom.

Long Lift Friction Clutch

The friction clutch prevents damage to the hoist by automatically  engaging in the event of a severe overload. When the slip clutch engages the motor is alloed to continue turning protecting both you and the hoist.

Forged Carbon Steel Hooks

Engineered to open gradually and not fracture under excessive loads, the forged carbon steel hook features a notched tip which interlocks with the safety latch for increased durability. these features allow for easy pre-use inspection of the hooks enabling you to operate the hoist with confidence.


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