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R&M's ControlMasterTM Variable Frequency Drive Series offers more versatility, better performance and prolonged equipment life than industry-standard contactor motor controls.

That's why R&M, the industry leader in innovation, uses variable frequency drives as standard for trolley and bridge controls and offers as an option the most comprehensive offering of variable frequency drives for hoisting controls.


Flexibility in speed selection and slower speeds offer precise load positioning and reduced load swing.

  • Infinitely variable (stepless - EP) or multi-step (defined speeds - MS) speed control
  • Wider range of selectable speed range - very slow speeds can be achieved


Dynamic braking, controlled acceleration and deceleration, and motor over-current and over- temperature protection are some of the VFD features that provide better performance and prolong the equipment life.

  • Dynamic braking is a technique of electric braking in which the retarding force is supplied by the inverter. As the operator releases the control device (pushbutton), the output frequency of the inverter decreases to nearly zero which brings the motor to almost a complete stop before the brake is engaged.
  • Controlled acceleration / deceleration provides smooth starts and stops and lowers starting currents, reducing gear and motor wear and structural stress on mechanical components - leading to longer equipment life.
  • Motor over-current and over-temperature protection ensures that the motor is operating at its top performance levels. 
  • Variable Frequency Drive
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