Conductix Hevi-Bar II conductor bar system delivers reliable, high-capacity service needed by factories, mills, storage yards, people movers and other demanding applications.


  • Uses surface area rather than mass to dissipate heat generated by high current conditions
  • Can be mounted with the bars in a horizontal or vertical (i.e. "side entry") plane
  • Offers a choice of insulating covers: Standard orange, green for the ground conductor, black UV-resistant for outdoor use, and medium or high heat versions to withstand higher ambient temperatures
  • Is easy to install and maintain

Ampacity selections: 500 amps, 700 amps, 1000 amps, and 1500 amps, at 600 volts.

Maximum Speed:  2000+ feet per minute

Hevi-Bar II is available with our optional DURA-COAT finish. Dura-Coat is a specially formulated coating that combines a ceramic compound with an epoxy binder to provide superior corrosion resistance and adhesion to the base materials. The entire bar is coated except in the stainless steel collector shoe running area; the insulating cover is applied over the coating. All metal parts of the collector arm are coated.

DURA-COAT is ideal for galvanizing and electro-plating lines, chemical plants, smelters, foundries and cast houses, coke and ore handling cranes, and oxidizing/electro-winning facilities.

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