Safe-Lec 2 conductor bar (conductor rail) provides these great benefits:

  • Positive collector shoe tracking - shoe is guided by the "V-contact" in the rail to provide continuous conductivity.
  • Collector arms can articulate in a wide range of motion to help keep the shoe in contact with the rail.
  • Enhanced Safety - Conductor bar is insulated for IP2 "finger-safe" operation.
  • Less Dust and Water Build-up - Insulating covers are "peaked" to help shed water and dust
  • Minimum number of system parts - same cover profile fits all bar styles!

Safe-Lec 2 is easy to install!

  • Multiple-Pole Hangers - holds multiple bars and install with a single bolt
  • Fewer splice joints - 14.75 foot (4.5 Meter) rail lengths require fewer joints than other systems.
  • Splice hardware is pre-bolted to bar ends - and covered with snap-on joint covers.
  • Fewer expansion joints - up to 150 meter runs without an expansion joint!
  • Snag-proof collector cables - cables are integrated with each collector arm
  • Slotted hanger supports - to accommodate system alignment variations

Ampacity selections:  60 amp, 100 amp, 125 amp, 200 amp, 160 amp, 250 amp, 315 amp, and 400 amp capacities @ 600 volts max.

Maximum Speed:  1200 feet per minute


  • Heater wire systems
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Green bonding (ground) conductor covers
  • Black "UV resistant" outdoor covers
  • Curved systems - up to a 60" radius.
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