Silicon Carbide Bench Grinding Wheels

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PTA green, vitrified bond silicon carbide bench grinding wheels offer consistent and quality performance for offhand deburring, shaping, metal removal and sharpening of non-ferrous and carbide parts and tools.

6-8″ wheels come complete with telescoping bushings down to 1/2″.

For 10″ wheels bushings are available here.

Grit guide: GC60 is coarse, GC80 is medium, GC100 is medium/fine, GC120 is fine

Grinding Tips:

  • Bench and pedestal wheels must be dressed to prevent loading
  • Use PTA Desmond Dressers
  • Loading can cause excessive heat and damage the work piece or wheel
  • Dressing exposes new cutting edges and provides chip clearance


  • Green silicon carbide, vitrified bond bench grinding wheels
  • Bench and pedestal grinding
  • Metal removal, deburring, shaping, and sharpening of carbide or non-ferrous tools.

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