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  • Dixie Industries lever load binders are made to the highest manufacturing standards. All our binders meet or exceed CVSA Cargo Securement Guidelines and FMSCA.
  • Hooks are forged from micro-alloy steel and are designed to yield before catastrophic failure.
  • Each forged part is permanently marked with a date code providing traceability of product ot heat of steel
  • Dixie / CM name forged on all parts. Tells you where and whom you can ask for help or information. Dixie Industries keeps all files and test information supporting the products we manufacture for ten years. Load binders without the name of the manufacture are not traceable!
  • All hooks swivel. Fully articulated movement allowing straight line pull on both hooks - a Dixie Innovation.
  • Short reach hooks allow you to grab one more chain link for tighter take -up - another Dixie Innovation!
  • Under heavy loads, traditionally designed lever binders have a tendency to spread at the ears, thereby jamming the clevis mechanism. Dixie Industries' unique tongue design operates 180 degrees from traditional binders avoiding any possibility of spreading or jamming the mechanism.
  • Forged "ball" on the end of the handle for a more sure hand gripping surface. A hole is provided at the end of the handle for securement as per new 2004 DOT requirements. The handle angle is designed to allow room for a gloved hand grip.
  • All components are made in the USA - American workers forging American steel, assembling American products in our American plant in Chattanooga, TN.
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