Forged Ratchet Binders

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  • Dixie ratchet binders are built to exceed the highest military and professional specifications, including CVSA Cargo Securement Guidelines, Federal Highway, and DOT requirements
  • Dixie forges each ratchet component from pure alloy steel bar
  • Ratchet binders provide superior ergonomics to the traditional lever binder by requiring less physical strength to attach and remove
  • The handle is purposely designed loose using self-locking one-way bolts. This loose design allows mud, snow, ice or any other clogging substance to be easily removed from the ratchet mechanism by striking with a hammer or other tool.
  • To insure quality, each individual ratchet binder, as part of the manufacturing process, is proof tested to 50% of the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) according to NACM criteria.
  • All 1 inch ratchet binders feature oversized eyebolts and barrels providing additional support material for wear and tear
  • Dixie ratchet gears are permanently welded to the barrel while many others are simply roll pinned. With our ratchet, there is no pin to fall out.
  • Dixie upset forged all our barrels, providing deeper and more consistent threads for longer life.
  • Acme threads provide fasted take up, stay put, and won't back off
  • Hooks forged from micro-allow steel, designed to yield before catastrophic failure
  • MADE IN USA - All our products are forged with USA, our name, product tract codes on each forged parts, and Working Load Limit (WLL) as required by many laws and manufacturing best practices
  • Dixie proudly stands beside you for the working life of our product
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