JDN Air Hoists and Winch Controls

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The suitable application of the various JDN controls can be easily identified with these symbols:

 For JDN Air Hoists    For JDN Air Winches


Rope Control:

Two ropes are suspended from the control lever, threaded through plastic handles, and attached to a bar.


Variable speed control, easily adjustable to the height of the lift.


Push Button E-Type Pendant Control:

The E-Type control is pilot air operated. It includes a rugged, ergonomically designed, brass hand control station.  


Spark and corrosion resistant, no variable speed control.


Push Button E-Type Pendant Control with Emergency Stop:

The E-Type control is pilot air operated. It consists of a hand control station similar to that of the E-Type but with an emergency on / off switch.


Spark and corrosion resistant, emergency stop button, no variable speed control.


Press Key FI-Type Pendant-Control:

The FI-Type control is pilot air operated. It consists of a lightweight, ergonomically designed, variable pilot pressure with plastic hand control station.


Variable speed control, emergency stop button. 


Push Button Pendant Control:

For the JDN Mini Series


Full Flow Control

Rugged Cast Pendant Design

Variable Speed Push Button Control

For Use with Full Mini Line 

Push Button 9100 Mini Control:

For Mini Manipulator Series


Full Flow Control

Ergonomic Design with Anti Slip Grip

Sensitive Push Button in Metal Casting

For Usewith Mini 125/250 with Manipulator Bracket


Lever Control:

Especially for Air Winches:

With the lever control, loads can be moved ergonomically and safely in a precise manner and at variable speeds. The actuation direction on the lever corresponds to the direction of movement of the rope drum. When released, the lever returns automatically to the center position.
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